Corpse of Discovery with Bryan Zimmerman

by Corpse of Discovery

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"LIBERTY DIME UNDER THE LINOLEUM, FLOR DE MUERTO" Stardust The scrape down to the bottom Through the credit grime To the liberty dime underneath the linoleum I heard crickets ringin Down the bankrupt hollow I got a cursive text from a scorpion from Cooley Lake And all it said was "Keay" Ah, Stardust I looked down in the bottoms I found phantom power in the backyards And taxidermic movie stars Yeah, in the bottoms Stars I woke up in the bottom In the fragrant earth In the afterbirth of petroleum I heard a dead-man singin Steady as a sun-dial I had a heart-attack from a skippin CD And a rainbow headache from all the Febreze Down at the bottom, yeah
"My DISCO BALL" I took the weekend off from the city, thin and crispy To the foot of this tree The cottonwood—"the dreaming tree" Woah, these leaves are shimmery Saw a rat in the alternator belt of a Cadillac Escalade Right off Flatbush Long black trails through the concrete bayou Runnin' on Dunkin Have you ever seen the sparks of a channel cat flippin' Up from the bottom and into the day? Yeah, that's my disco ball Muddy water and bright sunshine, sublime Surfed the plumes of a mile-deep runaway oil rig Deep Texas tea And black-capped waves breakin on the marshes "The blood of the earth" Have you ever seen the sparks of a channel cat flippin' Up from the bottom and into the day? Yeah, that's my disco ball Muddy water and hard, bright sunshine intertwined
"I BLEW A CASKET DREAMIN" “Straight line”— I never went that way before It’s a crooked road All the time It’s always been that way “As the crow flies”— I don’t believe in that anymore It’s all switchback rings and oxbow lakes Circles through the haze You think I waste time, and spin my wheels all day But I get lost for breakfast I'm hard-wired to wander Rabbit holes Around every corner Rabbit holes Every minute is a new day Hello, Paradise—the ragged drifting dream Whitemares and darkmares I blew a casket dreamin And the city’s cold I wanna scratch down to the middle To the city gold In this herky-jerky maze “Straight line— I never went that way before It’s a crooked road, all the time So crooked that it’s straight “As the crow flies”— I don’t believe in that anymore It’s all switchback rings and oxbow lakes Every single day (I feel like slow)
"SUMPTOWN" Stars and buckets of blood Black guitars with mold growin’ on ‘em Stars— Check! I’ll take some extra RF in my coffee And more ghosts in my electronics I’m Ozzer than the Wizard Do you believe in magic? A rainbow of black From velvet to shine And a washboard road to the heavens Oh, I really love it when the lights go down Black glow Under the rainbow in Sumptown
"JUNKIE OBSERVER, MALT LIQUOR SPECTATOR" Hangin out in a lucid sleep Cold as a milkshake Crusty peg-legged sparrows wingin in the gutter And a prepaid phone that cashed Clammy janky Queens junkie in a dirty ol tracksuit At Peter Cooper Park Oakley blades And a sparkling cubit zirconia earrang And the corners of his mouth all folded-in A river of ink from The New York Post blotter In deep ailanthus shade Stop by his McDonald's on St. Marks and Third “Uh, Tiene el ultimo numero de ‘Malt Liquor Spectator’” And some cider with a straw It’s getting bright, too bright to see (Another car’s parked in front of my buildin) They found a mummified cowboy in the wall on Broadway I saw a mummified cowboy at the mall in Reno And a tree grows from a plastic bag in Brooklyn With some of those lil' Trees in the mirror so the car smells But it’s aight, it’s just another hot pixel Another burnt, under-performing pixel Hangin out, on a collapsed milk crate Around the day in 80 worlds I read the scales on the belly of a kingsnake And they said That everything is gonna be alright— “Just close your eyes”


CORPSE OF DISCOVERY is a recording collective founded in 2009 by Bryan Zimmerman in Brooklyn and Queens. This 6-track, 26-minute record was released on limited-edition vinyl in 2010 by Transmission Arts organization free103point9. The music has been described as "exquisite-corpse-structured improvisations," "modular family band sessions," and "a communal door-to-door adventure collage jam record." It's at least a quilt of some sort, consisting of stacked-up, mixed-up invitations from Zimmerman to a dozen musical friends—plus a cell-phoned organ coda from his mother, Jolene Zimmerman. Intrepidly engineered, mixed and co-produced by Jason Loewenstein (Sebadoh,Circle of Buzzards), via the JakeRock Mobile Recording Unit. Lowewnstein also plays drums, bass, and guitar on several songs.


released July 1, 2010

Seth Abrames glockenspiel, cowbelll
Seth Armstrong acoustic guitar
Shelley Burgon harp
Jeff Conaway drums
Shannon Fields casio
Charlie Hines bass
Travis Millard guitar, field recordings, vocals
Jason Loewenstein bass, drums, guitar
Darin Mickey electric and lap-steel guitar
Laura Ortman casio, electric guitar, hammond C3 organ, violin, vocals
Michael Sump pedal-steel guitar
Bryan Zimmerman vocals, samples
Jolene Zimmerman organ
For more information and to purchase the vinyl:
Released July 1, 2010
Musical direction, songs, and lyrics by Bryan Zimmerman.
Produced and mixed by Bryan Zimmerman and Jason Loewenstein
Engineered by Jason Loewenstein
Engineering assistance and tape transfer provided by Charles Burst at Seaside Lounge, Brooklyn
Mastered by Joe Lambert/JLM, Brooklyn, NY
Recorded at various spaces in Brooklyn and Queens, NY, April-June, 2010*

*Travis Millard's guitar and vocals, and field recordings on "Sumptown" and "I Blew a Casket Dreamin" recorded in Los Angeles, CA; Selected radio tuning for samples provided by John Zimmerman in Olathe, Kansas; Jolene Zimmerman's organ at the end of "Liberty Dime" played via cellphone from Kansas City First Church of the Nazarene.

"My Disco Ball" dedicated to Robert Adams.
"Liberty Dime: Flor de Muerto" after Elk City.


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Corpse of Discovery with Bryan Zimmerman Brooklyn, New York

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