"Junkie Observer, Malt Liquor Spectator"

from by Corpse of Discovery

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Hangin out in a lucid sleep
Cold as a milkshake
Crusty peg-legged sparrows wingin in the gutter
And a prepaid phone that cashed

Clammy janky Queens junkie in a dirty ol tracksuit
At Peter Cooper Park

Oakley blades
And a sparkling cubit zirconia earrang
And the corners of his mouth all folded-in

A river of ink from The New York Post blotter
In deep ailanthus shade
Stop by his McDonald's on St. Marks and Third

“Uh, Tiene el ultimo numero de ‘Malt Liquor Spectator’”
And some cider with a straw
It’s getting bright, too bright to see

(Another car’s parked in front of my buildin)

They found a mummified cowboy in the wall on Broadway
I saw a mummified cowboy at the mall in Reno
And a tree grows from a plastic bag in Brooklyn
With some of those lil' Trees in the mirror so the car smells

But it’s aight, it’s just another hot pixel
Another burnt, under-performing pixel

Hangin out, on a collapsed milk crate
Around the day in 80 worlds
I read the scales on the belly of a kingsnake
And they said
That everything is gonna be alright—
“Just close your eyes”


from Corpse of Discovery with Bryan Zimmerman, released July 1, 2010
Seth Armstrong—acoustic guitar
Jeff Conaway—drums
Charlie Hines—bass
Jason Loewenstein—drums
Darin Mickey—guitar
Laura Ortman—Casio, violin
Bryan Zimmerman—vocals, samples

Special thanks to the dispatchers and drivers at Arecibo Car Service, Brooklyn, and to Dan Porvin.



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Corpse of Discovery with Bryan Zimmerman Brooklyn, New York

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